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23 December 2010 @ 07:03 pm

Fandom: Buffy Cross-over SPN
Title: Love Is A Battlefield
Authors: Cas (virtualpersonal) and ficbitch82
Pairing: Dean/Cordelia
Rating/Warnings: NC 17;
Characters: The characters are not ours, we're just playin' with 'em
Concrits: welcome in comments.

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Summary: Cordelia Chase wakes from her coma to find the world a changed place. Los Angeles is devastated, her friends are dead, and her visions are back. A vision leads her on a quest to save a man from a horrifying creature, but when she comes face to face with the man and realizes it is Dean Winchester, she wants nothing more than to leave him to his death. Too bad they're trapped together and her life might depend on his.

Chapters 1 - 5
01 October 2010 @ 11:16 pm

4-   White Collar
10-  Alec - (Dark Angel)
13-   Jensen Ackles

14-   Charisma Carpenter
5-   Michelle Trachtenberg
4-   Jared Padalecki
3-   Alyson Hannigan
1- Parker- (Levreage)
5-  10th Doctor
6-  Cordelia/Dean
1- Charisma/James  ...}


                                                                                        HERE at my Lj

19 September 2010 @ 09:49 pm
New video up!!   an ANGST Vid be warned, tell me what you think   ;)
I Know I KNOW, it's still angst and i promise the next one will Be and happy one, For real this time)

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 Title: Our Utopia
Cordelia/Dean feat. Sam, Angel.
Characters: Cordelia, Dean, Sam, Angel, Evil-sam, Lucifer, Angelus, Lucifer-Sam,  ...
Song: Utopia By Within Temptation feat- Chris Jones
Category: Angst (LOT OF IT !!!!) Drama, Alternated Univers Characters Death, evilCharacters, ...
Summary: Cordelia have trouble with Angle who's personality is getting to close of Angelus. She leave with Dean and Sam but they aren't able to keep up with eatch other. It's show how Cordelia and Dean are trying to fight evil and that in the same time that both angel and Sam who are part of there life, are tempted by Evil and power.... so Cordelia and dean need to cope with this... ;) REALLY ANGST !!! sorry !!

at my Lj

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11 September 2010 @ 11:49 am

Cordelia Chase
Completed: September 11, 2010
Fandom: Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Media: Pencil/Photoshop



Title: Seeing Is Deceiving
Author: dollarformyname 
Fandoms: Supernatural/Angel
Rating: FR21

Pairings: Cordelia/Dean, Sam/Jess
Warnings: Language. Explicit het.

Timeline/Spoilers: Post season 2 for Angel; pre-series (flashbacks) and late season 1 for SPN
He saw her die. He sees her everywhere.
Supernatural and Angel belong to Eric Kripke, Joss Whedon, and other people who aren't me.

Chapter 4

Story begins here.

22 April 2010 @ 12:48 pm

(Banner by Egsparks)
Title:  ... A billion eyes watching Fossilized (Remains)
Characters: Cordelia, Dean, Castiel ...
Song: Remains Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon
Category: Angst, Romance, AU, Drama, Pain, Vision...
Summary: Basicly it's an sequel to my other vid "Showm me it end Alright". that take place, couple of years later. and how, they can't cope with their own life. it show the sad and angsty side of there fall down.....

HERE at my Lj

Burn down my home
My memory’s hardened in the brightest chrome
Good times escape
While every mistake seems to be caught on tape

I will go rolling fast
Arms out in the rain
Feel momentum building to lift
Off ground like an airplane
Love ties you down to the pain
A billion eyes are watching fossilized
They see what remains

Gave up this town
What waste are we left with when it’s boiled down
Shine light on me
Your image reflected is all you’ll ever see

I will go rolling fast
Arms out in the rain
Feel momentum building to lift
Off ground like an airplane
Love ties you down to the pain
A billion eyes are watching fossilized
They see what remains

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31 January 2010 @ 12:35 pm

Hey Guy, it's been way to long since something have been post here, and We all need more Cordelia and Dean love. So here the promotion of an Story I read that I wanted to share with you all, it'S from an Amazing writer name Dollarformyname.

Here I made an Banner for that Story that I obviously LOVE !! ;)

ATS, Cross-over SPN
Title: Seeing Is Deceiving
Authors: Dollarformyname.  [info]dollarformyname
Pairing: Dean/Cordelia
Rating/Warnings: FR21

He saw her die. He sees her everywhere.

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13 September 2009 @ 09:38 pm

 {Banner by EgSparks}

Title: I Can be...Your Hero
Pairing: Cordelia/Dean
Characters: Cordelia, Dean, Angel(us)...
Song: "Hero" By Enrique Iglesias.
Category: Angst, Drama, ...
Summary: Dean POV's he's confessing his love for Cordelia, And while there story his happening, Dean must goes back whit his brother and in that time Angel (vampire) who's possesif attack Cordelia and Wesley call Dean back to L.A. to her, afther a confrontation with her about angel who's dangerouse goes to him, however angel try to explain that HE his in love with Cordelia.... (big bad vampire only thing simple, want. take. have) (lol).... in the End Dean kill angel who's not good for Cordelia even if she don't know it and She understand afther all Dean his her Hero.... (lame ???, well that's the story anyway)

HERE or at my Lj

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18 July 2009 @ 07:12 pm

Cordelia/Dean - Lonely
Watch at BAM or YouTube. Comments are love!
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